Sunday, 1 November 2015

Cofresh Jalapeño Flavour Potato Grills

Britain's favourite Indian snacks! it says on the pretty purple paisley packaging (very fetching). I can believe that. But I'm not so sure I believe in the mild & tangy label. More like quite hot & tasty.

So, quite hot & tasty and with a gorgeous light crunch.

I tried these deliciously light crunchy snacks on the Chef. He wasn't sure; thought the taste was more hot than tasty. But I left him a little bowl of these potato grills so he could try again if he felt like it. And fancy that! Apparently they are pretty good after all. At any rate, they all got eaten.

The tasty flavour dust doesn't really show in my photograph but I don't think these potato grills were as dark as shown on the packet.

At work several of the taste testers said they really liked these potato grills, and isn't the shape interesting? And the tall taste tester said they were perfect in every way: good taste, nice crunch, melt in your mouth.

Well really, what could be better? Tall taste tester asked where I bought them. Tesco in Finchley Central in this case, but I've seen Cofresh products in lots of places since I first discovered them.


  1. I think I would like these! I know my husband would! Got those twinkle lights glowing? Happy November! So nice that you came by!

    1. Yes definitely got the fairy lights going. We can't do without them!
      I'm sure you would like these. Cofresh also do a lemon & chill flavour which I remember were fabulous. I must try them again.
      Thanks for saying hello. Although almost everyone I know eats crisps enthusiastically it seems people are embarrassed to comment.


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