Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Bluebird Burger Rings Full On Burger Flavour

The Dutch taste taster came back from her New Zealand holiday this week with a packet of New Zealandish crisps. Pretty good, she thought, and I reckon she was right.

I have never tried a New Zealand crispy snack before (unless without realising when I've been in Australia although I suspect not) but these are pretty good.

I asked why this Bluebird packet has a penguin on it. Nobody seems to know. And in fact Chips of New Zealand call it "Bluebird's iconic unexplained penguin". Perhaps unexplained, but could the penguin be a little blue penguin (hence Bluebird) which is native to New Zealand and Southern Australia? Although, having said that, the penguins on Bluebird crisp packets do seem to be styled rather more on the Penguins of Madagascar than any bird you might spot along the New Zealand coast.

The Dutch taste tester says that she and her husband and other travelling companions actually preferred the chicken flavour crinkle cut crisps made by Bluebird, but apparently this puffy circular crispy snack is the snack to go for if you are a Kiwi. And tech taste tester was thrilled because he's been to New Zealand and learned to love Burger Rings then.

Don't let the munchies get the better of you! says the packaging, take one bite of these tasty snacks and let the full on burger flavour take over!

I guess Keep New Zealand Beautiful is the NZ version of the little guy throwing his rubbish away responsibly.

We liked these a lot. There's a nice light crunch, lots of flavour dust and a great savoury flavour. None of us thought Burger Rings tasted of burger. Not any burger we've ever tried. But honestly, we didn't care at all. Because we all loved this crispy snack.

Our only real complaint was that we had just the one bag to try. But... I find you can purchase this crispy snack on Amazon and I daresay other sources are available.


  1. I love the idea of "Bluebird's iconic unexplained penguin". I will try and somehow include "News From Nowhere's iconic unexplained Head Louse" in one of my blog posts before Christmas.

    1. Sorry? I can't wait to learn more.
      Busy arranging my brother's funeral so I was pleased to get quite a lot of crisps written up at the weekend. Funerals very time consuming.

  2. That was my first thought...why a penguin for the Blue Bird name? haha...

    Thinking about you....

    1. I've looked at a bunch of Bluebird packets online. They all have these incredibly ninja penguins on.
      We have a webpage where I have uploaded some photos.


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