Monday, 2 November 2015

Walkers French Fries Cheese & Onion

Halloween was approaching fast when I bought this multi-pack of French Fries (along with several packets of chocolatey this and that and some lollipops) for the basket of goodies. And obviously I tried one of the little 18g packets of Cheese & Onion.

You get a surprising amount of French Fries for your 18g; well, they probably are mostly air, being nothing but extruded and puffed potato starch and granules. And they definitely are very thin.

So the reluctant taste testers and I tucked in.

Very tasty indeed.

It isn't a very obvious cheese & onion flavour. In fact somebody thought it was salt and vinegar! However I thought, and it seemed that everyone taste testing agreed, that this is a very tasty crispy snack.

With the strange shiny texture of packing peanuts it is plain that French Fries are a fairly pretence kind of food. History graduate taste tester said he'd never liked them. He didn't like the texture. I kind of know what he meant and can't blame him. But he tried them anyway and reported that now he "really rather liked them" and this packet had "changed his view".


And it does rather go to show that periodically you should try foods you don't think that you like just in case you find you've changed your mind.

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