Sunday, 23 August 2015

Carrefour Frites Salées (Frietjes Gezouten)

I haven't posted any crisps for ten days or so. Unfortunately I spent a week in bed feeling thoroughly miserable, and then we spent 3 days travelling. Neither of those make ideal crisp reporting conditions but naturally once we were on our way I took the opportunity to visit several motorway service stations (and could not resist photographing these amazing new loo doors all covered in foxgloves) and (oh joy!) a French supermarket: Carrefour.

So here is a packet of Carrefour own brand crisps. Or, in fact, not crisps at all but this crispy snack masquerading as chips (or fries). You can see the photo. You know what I mean.

Shiny new loo doors at the motorway service station: amazing eh?
Not a super exciting crispy snack, but at the same time quite acceptable. Of course the chips are made of dried potato and maize flour and are extruded into the chips shape, so they take every opportunity to turn back into a mushy paste and gum themselves to your teeth. But that's what you expect from this kind of snack.

The really odd thing is that the flavour is salt. Just salt. Which is fine. Nothing wrong with that at all. But what you taste is a light salt & vinegar. Very strange because there is no vinegar in the recipe. But the Chef and I both observed this weird phenomenon. Not bad though.

And the simply designed packaging is carefully printed to be readily comprehensible both in France and in the Netherlands. I didn't know that Carrefour operated in the Netherlands but I suppose they must.


  1. Fanciest loo doors I've ever seen! haha.

    My boy Alex loves those crisps mascarading as fries. But I agree with you on the sticking to your teeth part.

    1. Very fancy indeed! I really wasn't expecting that. And I don't imagine the other patrons expected me to whip out my camera and start snapping!
      They really do stick to your teeth don't they?


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