Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Lay's Saveur Ketchup

Well, I'm going to say immediately that I am very disappointed. Ketchup is usually a great crisp flavour and very reliable. Damn! These crisps are nothing like as tasty as I had hoped.

Lovely texture. Nice crunch. Good colour. But the flavour really isn't right. Much too much vinegar. And not nearly enough sweet tomatoey yumminess. Can French ketchup taste so sharp? The Chef and I always stick with Heinz so we don't know what the European palate expects of a tomato ketchup. So, for us, what a disappointment. I do think Lay's could have done a lot better.

And, indeed, since these are French crisps, and we are in the French speaking part of Switzerland this week: quelle déception!

On our way through France we stayed at Salins les Bains, a pretty little town in a narrow valley between high cliffs. Our hotel was just to the right of this photograph. And about 5 minutes walk away: another salt mine. It's now a museum. But people still come to swim in the thermal baths and take advantage of the multitude of treatments on offer.


  1. Very interesting. You mentioned ketchup flavor on your list. ...but I've never heard of it! Too bad it didn't taste good...seems like it should be similar to fries and ketchup, which I love. We prefer Heinz, too...the best!

    1. Maybe it's a European thing? Surely not. I must have read it on some US website or I wouldn't have put it on my list. Well, if you do spot it maybe you should give it a try?
      I think I've tried really good ketchup flavours from Bulgaria, Poland and Switzerland. If you haven't seen any.... Why did I put it on my list? And my list is in London so I don't know.
      I think Waitrose baked beans are the best but Heinz ketchup is hard to beat.


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