Sunday, 31 January 2016

Private Selection Rosemary & Feta Flavored Kettle Chips

Thick ripple-cut kettle chips cooked in small batches and finished with a tangy feta and rosemary seasoning says the packet. And the serving suggestion (shown on the packet) is apparently... put these crisps in a bowl.

OK then. I did. (Look! the sun is shining for a change.)

Was probably going to anyway. But I should admit I didn't serve them with a little bowl of feta garnished with rosemary.

This is quite a small crinkle cut crisp with a lovely bright crunch and a good sprinkling of some sort of herb (it looks like parsley). Quite oily, but not in a nasty way. And weirdly the list of ingredients does not include either rosemary or feta.

Really? Yup. I've read it through quite carefully.

That is a bit odd isn't it? The list of ingredients does include skim milk powder, cheddar cheese, whey, whey protein concentrate and buttermilk so I guess that accounts for the "feta" part of the flavour. But what about the rosemary? Maybe that comes under the umbrella of natural flavouring? Could be. Still seems odd though, wouldn't you say?

However, this is a very tasty crisp. Most of the reluctant taste testers thought that Rosemary & Feta was a pretty good description of the flavour, and most of them liked it quite a lot although Noble Friend wasn't mad keen. I confess it really appeals to me. Very tasty. I liked these a lot.

Luckily for him the Chef came home from Switzerland in time to try these crisps and was pleased to approve (he's like that).

It's a very nice change to have a different flavour, and you don't find rosemary flavoured crisps every day of the week.

Unless, perhaps, you live in Ohio. Because these crisps are produced by the Kroger Company based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Although I read they have branches of all sorts of shops with all sorts of names all over the place. Private Selection seems to be their "fancy" food department and they do Lime & Black Pepper kettle chips! That does sound yummy.

The Private Selection journey rewards your sense of good taste. Inspired by food artisans and crafted with authentic ingredients and tantalizing recipes, each Private Selection offering is sure to feed your passion for gourmet foods. 

Guess I'd better get myself to a Kroger store somewhere. Maybe when I retire I can travel - sorry - journey the world searching for fancy new flavours of crisp? But that won't be for a while yet.

And thank you again bloggy friend Betsy (does she like this crisp we ask ourselves? what about the family?) for exporting this super tasty crisp to the UK.

This was another packet I couldn't quite fit into my A4 scanner so the foot is chopped off. 8oz (226g) of crisps all at once! Amazing.

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  1. I'm glad you liked these...wasn't sure if you cared for Rosemary or not...but hey, there wasn't even any in the bag, so there you go! haha. I love Kroger. It's where I do my weekly shopping. And their own brand of things is very nice. yay! And you know I'll send you more whenever you want! :)


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