Thursday, 28 January 2016

Cofresh Hot Chilli Flavour Potato Hoops

This packet of hot Chilli flavour Potato Hoops was kindly contributed by the Tall taste tester.

Lovely aroma from the bag, nice taste and quite hot (the bag does feature two chillis to warn you) and a slightly softer crunch than you might expect. But all in all not bad. Indeed, I think all the reluctant taste tasters thought this was a very acceptable snack and quite a lot were eaten.

You can see from my photograph that some of these little rings of potatoey goodness are more colourful than others. The colourful ones have more chilli in the taste. No surprise there. But they were all tasty and the whole 90g packet got eaten up.

The picture on the packet is somewhat misleading though. It allows you to think these crispy snacks are big and round like onion rings. But no. What you get is basically a sort of Hula Hoop. Only not.

I was kind of disappointed. But if I had really thought about the picture carefully it might just as well be showing a great big pair of cuff-style bracelets. And I certainly wasn't anticipating anything as large as that. That would be weird.

What is a bit of a surprise is that the ingredients are native potato starch, potato solids and modified potato starch. Am I beginning to feel I shouldn't have read that? I wonder what a potato solid is? Why does potato starch need to be modified? Maybe I don't really want to know.

Anyway, we really rather enjoyed this crispy snack. Cofresh make very tasty crispy snacks.

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