Thursday, 21 January 2016

Burton's Daily Fish'n'Chips Pickled Onion

This biscuity snack in the shape of little fish and little chips was very popular with the reluctant taste testers.

Even the Architectural Consultant taste tester was moved to say how much she liked them. Well, I couldn't help noticing how many times she was suddenly wandering through the kitchen. And you should be impressed because she doesn't usually comment at all.

Not everyone picked the Pickled Onion flavour but I thought it was very accurate. Although, I think this is the taste of the larger, browner pickled onions, and not the little silver skins.

The aroma is very strongly vinegar, but the taste is gentler and the pickle onion flavour is followed by the gentle sweet taste of the biscuits themselves. Don't let that put you off. These little biscuits are rather good.

Rather fun for a change.

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