Thursday, 14 January 2016

Patatas Fritas de Soria Garijo Baigorri Aceite de Oliva

I'm not sure I have the name of these crisps correct.

I don't speak much Spanish and I'm not at all sure which bit of the text on the packet is the name of the manufacturer, and which is the name of the crisp. So I put it all in and I'm hoping for the best.

The packet tells us we have Patatas Fritas Artesanas... possibly crisps fried by artisans? Could this be Spanish for hand cooked crisps? And then El Placer del Crujiente which Google translate tells me means "crusty pleasure". Which doesn't sound quite right!

The ingredients are potatoes, olive oil, and sea salt.

The tall taste tester donated this empty packet, again from his visit to Madrid. He said he really didn't like them. They were all oily, he said. Too much olive oil, he said. So not for him.

The aroma from the packet is salty, but also very high quality frying. Actually, it smells rather good. But of course I've not had the opportunity to try the actual crisps.

The potatoes were grown in the highlands of Castilla y Leon which for some reason sounds lovely.

There is a website, but as I said I don't speak much Spanish (most of it garnered from watching westerns or NCIS), so I'm not much the wiser! I am following a Spanish blog All4Barbie which is expanding my vocabulary but Barbie leads a very healthy lifestyle and doesn't seem to eat too many crisps.

Anyway, if you fancy olive oil flavoured crisps next time you visit Spain you could give these a go.

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