Sunday, 17 January 2016

Grippo's Sweet Maui Onion Wavy Potato Chips

This is another crisp specially exported from the United States by kind bloggy friend Betsy. I had often read about Sweet Maui Onion flavour crisps but I didn't know what made them special. And I confess I was dubious about flavouring a crisp with nothing but onion.

So I took this shiny purple packet of Grippo's crinkle cut (or wavy) crisps for the reluctant taste testers to try.

And we liked them a lot.

We really did. This is a lovely crisp. Very nice aroma, great crunch, and a truly delicious sweet onion flavour. Very nice indeed. A great success.

Never having tried Sweet Maui Onion flavour before I can't tell whether the Grippo's version is extra special. But I can say that if I ever see another packet I will try them again. Eagerly. I think I liked them better than most cheese & onion crisps.

Interestingly I see that Grippo's (what a great name!) also do a Sweet Bermuda Onion flavour crisp. I wonder what makes that different? Does anyone out there know? I can't seem to find a review online. It's all about their BBQ flavour. Which of course I've not tried.

Nearly forgot: I love the shiny purple and silver packaging!

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