Sunday 17 January 2016

Grippo's Sweet Maui Onion Wavy Potato Chips

This is another crisp specially exported from the United States by kind bloggy friend Betsy. I had often read about Sweet Maui Onion flavour crisps but I didn't know what made them special. And I confess I was dubious about flavouring a crisp with nothing but onion.

So I took this shiny purple packet of Grippo's crinkle cut (or wavy) crisps for the reluctant taste testers to try.

And we liked them a lot.

We really did. This is a lovely crisp. Very nice aroma, great crunch, and a truly delicious sweet onion flavour. Very nice indeed. A great success.

Never having tried Sweet Maui Onion flavour before I can't tell whether the Grippo's version is extra special. But I can say that if I ever see another packet I will try them again. Eagerly. I think I liked them better than most cheese & onion crisps.

Interestingly I see that Grippo's (what a great name!) also do a Sweet Bermuda Onion flavour crisp. I wonder what makes that different? Does anyone out there know? I can't seem to find a review online. It's all about their BBQ flavour. Which of course I've not tried.

Nearly forgot: I love the shiny purple and silver packaging!


  1. Best chip there is and for some reason my town cant hardly get them and then says it's the grippo mansion fault!!

    1. What a shame! We enjoyed this great crisp very much and would love to try another packet.