Monday, 18 January 2016

M&S Eat Well Pea Snaps Piri Piri

Once again, ever hopeful, the reluctant taste testers and I tried a Pea Snap flavour from the Marks & Spencer Eat Well crispy snack range. A third flavour: Piri Piri.

Ever since I first heard of Piri Piri sauce I thought it might not really be for me. And I still think I was right. But I must confess that Piri Piri works better with the Pea Snaps than either of the other two flavours we have tried.

None of the taste testers made a comment except History Graduate who admitted to quite liking these Pea Snaps. But I don't think he can have eaten the whole (very small - only 21g) packet himself. So someone else, possibly several someones, was eating them, and it wasn't me.

Oh, Extremely Sceptical taste tester did comment. She asked if this was another grasshopper crispy snack. Well, yes, it is the same range as those she took for grasshoppers. But no. This crispy snack is made from marrow fat peas and not insect protein.

And she also pointed out that the very soft bite is similar to the crunch and texture of crispy snacks made for very small children. There are extremely sceptical nieces and nephews so our taste tester knows what she is talking about.

The Piri Piri flavour dust gives these Pea Snaps a handsome orangey brown colour, so really they do look a lot less grasshoppery than the Green Chilli Lime & Coriander flavour Snaps.

This product is supposed to be healthier for you than the average crispy snack. So I'm pleased to be able to report that this flavour is a lot more palatable than the first two we tried.

Always remember that I am extremely picky when it comes to food. So even if I don't like something; you might.


  1. They're really nice, too spicy for my missus which is always a good sign

  2. It looks like they have been discontinued :'(


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