Sunday, 10 January 2016

KP The Real McCoy's Ridge Cut Thai Sweet Chicken

Mmnn.... meat! said the boys, er sorry, I mean the Tech and History Graduate taste testers. They like their meaty crisps.

But what a disappointment, although (let's be honest here) not much of a surprise, this packet of MAN CRISPS does not contain any chicken. And these crunchy ridge cut crisps are suitable for vegetarians. So presumably this is a crisp aimed at vegetarian men. Interesting marketing strategy.

Anyhow, this little packet seems the usual size for what I think of as a small packet of crisps (my preferred size). But it weighs 50g instead of maybe 28g or something? This must be a quite a heavy crisp. Must be the ridges I suppose.

The reluctant taste testers and I tucked in and I think we quite liked this flavour. And the crunch. Even the extremely sceptical taste tester was pleased to approve. Nice and sweet but somehow not too sweet. Whatever it is in the mystery ingredient flavourings something is rather good.

I can't let McCoy's off though: this crisp comes dangerously close to being a complete meal flavour. I wonder if you ordered a Thai takeaway would you get anything approaching the flavour of these crisps? It's more of a sweet and sour flavour than sweet chilli.

The Senior taste tester carried off the very last crisp in triumph!


  1. I actually bought some of these today at our local country store. I don't normally eat Thai food, I think it's just a bit over the top with the spices or whatever, but I found these crisp very tasty and I'm going back tomorrow to get some more.

  2. I don't usually eat Thai food either - it's the fish that puts me off. I don't eat fish.
    Despite them calling themselves MAN CRISPS I do quite like some of the McCoy's ridge cut flavours. It's worth trying the others if you haven't already.