Saturday, 30 January 2016

Lay's Dill Pickle Flavored

I had a bit of a struggle forcing this great big 219.7g (7 ¾oz) bag into my A4 size scanner. So here's the best I could manage. It got a bit scrumpled.

Frito Lay Good fun! says the packet, and Happiness in Every Bite. Well, I suppose they have to say something, but I am not convinced that however much I enjoyed these Dill Pickle flavoured crisps there was happiness in every bite. And I did enjoy them.

And indeed, most of the reluctant taste testers enjoyed them too. The Senior taste tester doesn't like vinegar, and Tech taste taster can't bring himself to fancy dill pickles but aside from that I think we were all pretty enthusiastic.

Baltic Sailor taste tester (you've not encountered her before as she is a volunteer) told me the other day that her favourite crisp flavour is sour cream and dill which she learned to love in Sweden or Denmark. Or both. I couldn't manage that for her but she did take home a little baggie of these tasty crisps. Ooh, can I really? she said as she stashed the baggie in her shopping bag.

These are rather pale crisps with a lovely dill aroma, nice crunch and a light dill pickle taste. There was a bit too much vinegar in evidence for some, but I thought them very nice. The Dutch taste tester could say nothing other than Yum!

And the Dutch taste tester took some home to share with Loving Husband. Apparently he was mightily impressed and she did not get much of a look in.

This packet was specially exported from the United States by kind bloggy friend Betsy. Great choice Betsy! Thank you.

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  1. Hey Georgina, can't email you because I don't have Google Plus, but shoot me an email from my Blogger Profile and I will get in touch about sending you some US Crisps :)


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