Friday, 15 January 2016

HiperDino Food Conos de Maiz Sabor Queso/Bacon

Noble friend went to the Canary Islands for a little winter sunshine and brought back this packet of crisps. Which was very nice of her.

These crisps seem to have been produced and packed in Spain for Dinosol Supermercados which is a supermarket in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. So local crisps. Excellent.

For some strange reason you don't get bugle-shaped crispy snacks in the UK. I really don't know why not. I've seen them in Italy, here we have a Spanish version, and I know they are popular in The Netherlands. If I am wrong about bugles in the UK please let me know.

The Dutch taste tester liked this crispy snack, and the extremely sceptical taste tester loved them. Between us we ate the whole 80g packet in no time at all.

I must say I was a bit dubious. Cheese and bacon can be a sinister combination. But in fact this is a lovely light flavour, very pleasant. There's a good lot of flavour dust (not too much) and a nice crunch. I'm not sure that I was aware of the interesting texture/pattern as shown on the packet. But after all, that has nothing to do with the taste.

All in all a pretty good crispy snack.

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