Sunday 24 January 2016

Ikea Potatischips Gräddfil & Lök

Well, Ikea don't mess around with fancy packaging do they? What have we here? It's a great big closeup of crisps. And in fact the crisps on the packet look pretty appetising to me.

This 150g packet of Sour Cream & Onion flavour crisps was found by Noble Friend - where else? - in Ikea. She went to look at the furniture and came home with a packet of crisps instead.

I didn't even know Ikea sold crisps but then I haven't been since 1993. How do I know? It was the year of the false start at the Grand National, the race that never was, and I was in Ikea that afternoon. Funny how some things in your life can be so memorable. Or not. Do I remember the day President Kennedy was assassinated? No, sorry, I was too little to notice. Do I remember England beating Germany in the World Cup final? No I don't, we were living in Germany! But do I remember the last time I visited Ikea? Of course.

And what did the reluctant taste testers think of these crisps? Yum said Tech taste tester even before I opened the packet. It seems if he can't have meaty crisps then Sour Cream & Onion runs a close second.

And everyone else approved like anything. In fact we ate the entire packet. Which was crammed full of tasty little crisps. Extra special achievement here because there was a basket of mini muffins and cookies in the office that day but we still ate all the crisps.

This is not a healthy diet.

Anyway, lovely little crisps, some skin left on, they look hand cooked but I don't think we are told, great crunch and a wonderful oniony flavour. Oh yes, we liked these a lot.

Interestingly this onion flavour is somehow totally different from the Sweet Maui Onion flavour we tried earlier in the week. We liked them both.

Next time anyone goes to Ikea don't buy a sofa; we'd like to try the plain salted crisps please.

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