Saturday, 9 January 2016

Golden Fluff Potato Flutes Ketchup Flavour

When I pulled this packet of crispy snacks from the crisp storage basket I could not for the life of me remember where I bought them. But then, a clue on the back of the packet in the form of Hebrew text (which I cannot read) reminded me. Of course. It was from one of the local kosher delis.

Well, for a start one of the reluctant taste testers pointed out that Golden Fluff is a rather odd name for  a crispy snack company. It sounds more like an instant pudding. Perhaps lemon, or maybe butterscotch flavour? What do you think?

I looked at the Golden Fluff website and it seems they specialise in kosher products, including kosher for Passover; crispy snacks, drinks, sweets (candy) and kitchen products (even chopping boards). And perhaps they started with popcorn. In which case Golden Fluff isn't such a mad name.

Anyway, we've tried a couple of other snacks which were long and square like a chip (French fry) although hollow, so there must be some sort of machine or nozzle that just churns out these shapes. And they are rather good. Somehow it's a shape that makes for very moreish snacking.

We liked these a lot. You can't see from the packet photo but these flutes aren't as bright a yellow as many crispy snacks are. A bit of light brown in the colouring (trust me, this is a good thing) and a generous sprinkling of tomato ketchup yumminess makes for a very appetising look.

A light crunch, and a really good ketchup flavour, these proved pretty popular with the reluctant taste testers.

The packet tells us that these potato flutes contain No MSG, No Artificial Colors, and No Artificial Flavors. And 0g Trans Fat Per Serving. So... presumably no trans fats at all then? Hmmn... that's very oddly put isn't it? And here's another slightly weird thing, the ingredients list says Vegetable Oil (contains one or more of the following: Canola, Corn, Cottonseed, Safflower, Soybean or Sunflower). That seems strangely indecisive.

The packet also says Now please be nice and share this bag with others. Which I did.

I first tried this flute or fries style of crisp with Kubeti Mega Stix (which I was amazed to see were from Bulgaria), and then Zweifel Snacketti Fries Ketchup (from Switzerland) which were fabulous. This is not a bad addition to the flutes/fries/stix family.


  1. Hi Georgina! Thanks for all your many comments on my blog. I have to admit, crisps aren't one of my favourite topica, but you do manage to make them something fascinating! And thanks for mentioning Larisa. I know of her but have never followed her. Now maybe i will.

  2. You should try and see her second run from Saturday at Zauchenzee in Austria. She was brilliant. And so happy.
    I know not everyone is mad for crisps. I don't know how this blog happened. It just crept up on me!

  3. Moreish....I love that word. I wish it would make its way to the USA!

    Golden Fluff reminds me of mashed potatoes. Fluff doesn't sound crispy at all!

    1. You don't say moreish? How weird. What do you say instead?

      I think maybe Golden Fuff started making popcorn or maybe marshmallows.


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