Wednesday, 20 January 2016

M&S Keralan Curry Dhal Chips

This is a very pretty crisp. Made with rice flour and chickpea flour they have red lentils and nigella seeds (kalonji) baked in. In fact, they are so pretty to look at you don't stop to wonder if you are actually going to enjoy Keralan curry as a crispy snack flavour.

I've probably said before that I'm not crazy for curry but I really liked this Dhal Chip. Quite tasty. And the reluctant taste testers seemed to enjoy them quite a lot too.

The rice and chickpea flour gives you quite a dull crunch, you don't get the bright snap you would from a potato crisp, but that's not really a problem. What is a bit of a problem is that the hexagonal shape looks great when it all there. But there were a lot of broken chips. Broken into quite small bits and that isn't very clever.

Pretty good. But somehow better when not broken.

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