Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Emporium of Tyrrell's Tortillas Chilli with Chopped Jalapeno

Just before Christmas I was walking through Hampstead and stopped at a swanky food shop to pick up a panettone. I asked if they sold crisps, and yes they did: this very smart packet of tortillas from the Emporium of Tyrrell's. Splendidly New says the packet.

Wonderfully punchy six-sided chilli corn tortillas crafted with delightfully piquant, properly chopped jalapeño. An altogether edgier nibble. Says the packet.

What a delicious tortilla this is. Fabulously hexagonal, good crunch, a great colour enlivened by the little bits of chilli, and what a taste. The reluctant taste testers and I ate the whole of this 150g packet. And were pleasantly surprised at how many of the hexagons kept their shape.

Really nice chilli taste but not too bonkersly hot. Which is a great combination. I always think it's a bit of a waste if a crispy snack is so hot you can't actually taste it. Yum. I've just licked my finger and poked around the bottom of the packet to get out the remains of the flavour dust. Yum!

And another great packet from the Tyrrell's design department.

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