Tuesday, 26 January 2016

The London Crisp Co. Sea Salt & Malt Vinegar Handcooked Crisps

Skateboarder flavour crisps!

No. Sadly (sadly? perhaps it's just as well) not. Salt & Vinegar.

Inspired by London's South Bank it says on the packet. Not at all sure why London's South Bank should make anyone think of Sea Salt & Malt Vinegar as a flavour for a crisp. Who can say?

Not sure either why a skateboarder seemed like a good image for a packet of Salt & Vinegar crisps but I do know why it's a good image for the South Bank; because the South Bank Centre situated on the South bank of the river Thames (can you credit it?) is a very haven for skateboarders. I haven't been down there for a while but it used to be infested with skaters.

As for using an image of St Paul's Cathedral... it's not even on the South Bank. But you can see it. I must stop being so picky.

Nice little crisps, hand cooked with the skin left on, good crunch, and interestingly some of the crisps are very salt & vinegary while some are not. Pretty tasty though.

Not the most sensational crisps in the world but nothing at all wrong with them. Tasty and crunchy. Just how a crisp should be.

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