Monday, 1 February 2016

Fiddler's Lancashire Crisps Simply Spuds (No Added Salt)

By 'eck you'll find em tasty! say the packet.

Awfully sorry Fiddler's. I didn't.

The thing is, really, for me (and this is a personal taste issue), for me crisps and crispy snacks are all about the salt. Yes, yes I am well aware that salt is frightfully bad for me - and you - but I can't help loving it. Almost every time I would rather have salt than sweet and it's only in moments of extreme stress that I will wolf a chocolate bar. And then I will eat it so quickly it barely touches the sides.

Just as a stiff gin and tonic (you have to drink it in a not-too-hot bath) is great in combating a severe attack of hay fever, chocolate is fantastic at fighting off a nasty period pain (cramps I think you guys gals in the US say). And chocolate can also be a huge help in times of extreme stress or fury. Cake can be helpful too. I know a lot of people would plump for cake.

But ordinarily I would pick a salty something.

And these crisps ain't got no salt!

Tall Elegant taste tester thought they were rather good. And in fact this little 40g packet was snacked up fairly quickly.  So no-one else was bothered by the lack of salt.

Lovely little crisps, very nice, good crunch, cooked by John (well done John), I don't want to say anything nasty about this no added salt crisp. Just not for me.

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