Sunday, 14 February 2016

Soletti Salzstangerl

Managerial taste tester sloped off to Austria for a spot of skiing and on his way home picked up this little bag of pretzel sticks at the airport.

Long thin sticks (really very fine) strewn with little nuggets of salt, with a lovely light pretzelly crunch, we all rather liked these.

But pretzel sticks can be a little bit dry and we all agreed that this crispy snack might be tastier with a glass of something. Senior taste tester suggested a gin & tonic. Which of course we can't do in the office. And probably shouldn't do first thing in the morning; not even in the privacy of our own homes. Well you can if you like but I'm not recommending that.

So a bowlful did get eaten, possibly Extremely Senior Volunteer taste tester made away with more than a few, but I brought the rest of the packet home to try an experiment. And I can exclusively reveal that these pretzel sticks are pretty tasty when snacked in conjunction with  glass of Pino Grigio.

... immer dabei!! says the packet; always there!!  Seems a slightly weird slogan but there you are.

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