Wednesday, 17 February 2016

M&S Guilt Free Snacking Chocolate & Pecan Popcorn

Noble Friend suddenly produced this packet of low calorie guilt free popcorn. She said it was irresistible. She was fairly accurate there. 

Although I suspect the low calorie element of this tasty popcorn is the fact that each 27g packet is very small with not very much popcorn in it. This photograph shows a whole packet. And Noble Friend admits the problem is that you eat a little packet and find it delicious then you can't help fancying another packet... Only 118 calories... but more if you can't resist the second packet. Or the third.

Toffee coated popcorn with pecan nut pieces, drizzled with Belgian milk chocolate. Yum!

This is a very tasty popcorn. Yummy chocolate and pecans too. Not that I'm mad for pecans, but the combination really is extremely good.

The Dutch taste tester ran to the kitchen to make sure she tasted this tasty snack!


  1. Hi Georgina! So nice to have you pop in on Valentines Day! Loved your sweet comment. Yep. I bet I go go through ten of these pretty quick! haha!


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