Sunday, 21 February 2016

M&S Wholegrain Snacks Honey Barbecue

Well here's another crispy snack I wonder is the same as one we've tried before: M&S Guilt Free Snacking Barbecue Wholegrain Snacks.

The packet is quite different, the name is different (so it is difficult to be certain) but the photograph of the snack itself looks just the same. And both of them are supposed to be better for you than the average crispy snack.

So, well, this is a very pleasant crispy curly snack with  lovely soft barbecue flavour. Nice crunch, not bad in all departments. And Tech taste tester says it is one of his absolute favourites.

However, unlike the Guilt Free Snacking snack this packet does not contain a warning against honey. Is that because government advice on the allergic properties of honey has changed? Or is it that this crispy snack is in fact different? Honestly, life can be so complicated at times.

You know how annoying it is when you suddenly see a new book by an author you have been collecting for years, so you buy it and carry it home in triumph, but when you get it home it's not a new book at all, just a new jacket design? I have certainly done that more than once.

I know this is only a crispy snack but as an internationally renowned food writer (er.... maybe not) I don't like being confused!

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