Monday, 29 February 2016

Zweifel Wave Chips Sour Cream Flavour

This packet of crisps from Swiss crisp giant Zweifel  was ferried home by the Chef last time he drove back to London.

A couple of the taste testers said they weren't at all sure about Sour Cream as a flavour for crispy snacks but then it turned out that we all liked this crinkle cut crisp quite a lot. Very tasty.

Interestingly at first glance this crisp looks almost exactly the same as the previous crisp the reluctant taste testers and I tried: Tesco Finest Hand Cooked West Country Cream Cheese & Roasted Herb Crisps. And then we tried them.

And we really did like these crisps. Very tasty, great crunch (still not sure whether I would really say this crisp is "extra crunchy"), and a very nice taste.

The reluctant taste testers recommend this crisp.

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