Thursday, 18 February 2016

Emporium of Tyrrell's Tortillas Sour Cream with Poppy Seeds

This is the second fancy Emporium of Tyrrell's crisp I found in Hampstead just before Christmas. And it is pretty fancy.

A lovely crunch, handsome hexagonal shape (although as always with shaped crisps there are more breakages than I would like), lots of sharp sour creamy flavour dust with the added yumminess of poppy seeds. This is a very good crisp. It doesn't seem as sweet as so many crispy snacks, and not so salty either.

Tall taste tester gave it 8/10 after his first bite.

Well, we liked these a lot. And then someone suggested they might be even tastier with a dip. As it happened Dutch taste tester was on her way out to buy food for an evening meeting so we tasked her with buying some dip. Sour cream and chive from M&S. Yum!

Very nice. Extremely nice. I liked the combination a lot. Giraffe Fan taste tester was very taken with it too. I think all the reluctant taste testers approved this tortilla crisp and this combination of tortilla and dip. A very good crisp with a very good dip: quadruple the deliciousness.

What could be better than that? Plus the packaging is rather fabulous.

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