Saturday 13 February 2016

Hema Paprika Chips

This is a superb crisp.

A rich paprika orange, nice thin cut, lovely crunch, and a fabulous creamy paprika flavour.

All the reluctant taste testers liked this Dutch crisp a great deal. We all liked it, we all said how much we liked it and we finished off the 125g packet. We loved it.

I gather that Hema is a department store with branches all over The Netherlands. And they have expanded to a store in London. Dutch Taste Tester tells me that when the Hema store first opened in London it weirdly only sold British products, and Dutch expats were sorely disappointed. However, now there are proper Dutch products on sale. Such as Dutch liquorice (Dutch Taste Tester is a big fan) and (excitingly) Dutch crisps. Of which this is one.

Huzzah! Because this crisp is truly fab. Get yourself to The Netherlands... or London Victoria.

1 comment :

  1. this is spectacular. i will will certainly be purchasing after my chronic acne has cleared and i can face the supermarche again. comprende :'(