Saturday, 6 February 2016

Walkers Melty Crackers Sour Cream & Onion

New. Oven Baked. The great taste of Walkers on a cracker. And on the back of the packet Tasty crackers seasoned with the unmistakably delicious taste of Walkers.

New Melty Crackers from Walkers. OK I get that. Although I honestly wouldn't say these crackers are particularly melty. And oven baked? Yes, I wouldn't be at all surprised. I wouldn't cook a cracker anywhere other than an oven, would you?

And the great taste of Walkers on a cracker? Actually yes. The flavour does seem to be quite separate from the actual cracker (or as we in the UK would usually say: biscuit). So on is the right word.

As usual I put of bowlful in the kitchen at work and waited for the reluctant taste testers to give their opinions. Sometimes they have a lot to say, sometimes not.

I think we all thought that these square little crackers taste pretty good. Nice combination of the sour cream and onion, and not too much onion. And I am sure they would work well with a glass of something (in my case probably white wine) but obviously we are not encouraged to quaff down glasses of something at work. Certainly not before lunch! Anyway we snacked down the whole 130g packet quite quickly.

But I couldn't quite work out what this little biscuit reminded me of. Architectural taste tester who doesn't normally say much (she can't seem to fancy crispy snacks in the morning) helped me out. When we were young, people had lots of dinner parties and drinks parties and the drinks (many many alcoholic drinks) often came with little cocktail biscuits which were considered posher than crisps or salted peanuts.

I think she's right. I have a hazy memory of cocktail biscuits in several different flavours. So I have a feeling that this is a modern incarnation of the 1970s (possibly?) cocktail biscuit. And none the worse for that.

Anyway, the reluctant taste testers and I quite liked these and look forward to trying the Sweet Chilli version if I can find it.

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