Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Walkers Sensations Oriental Crackers Peking Spare Rib

Noble Friend picked up this packet of crispy snacks and brought them in to the office. Actually I think she meant to buy quite a different packet but she bought this and in fact they turned out to be quite popular.

Walkers Sensations tend to have a very strong taste. I guess that's what the sensation is all about. And these Peking (why not Beijing?) Spare Rib crackers are no exception. Except that quite honestly it's hard to tell that this flavour is Peking Spare Ribs. It might almost just as well be Hoisin Crispy Duck. Although the recipe does include dried pork, it's all about the seasoning. Which is pretty strong.

And then we read the list of ingredients and wondered why is this crispy snack made from a combination of tapioca and cassava? Cassava? Isn't that what people eat if they live 2,000 miles up the Amazon? So what's it doing in a crispy snack in London?

Anyway, almost all the reluctant taste testers really enjoyed this crispy snack. Extremely Sceptical taste tester pronounced that "Deffo" the taste gets better on the 6th, 7th, or 8th crunch. Deffo. And Tall taste tester said he could probably eat the entire packet at one sitting. All well and good.

But Giraffe Fan taste tester said it was lucky she was so polite otherwise she would have spat out the first crisp she tried. Not a fan. Well, she should have. Don't go around eating something you don't like. That's silly.

The packet tells us that the flavour of sweet, sticky pork hits the tastebuds first, before ginger and pepper add spicy heat, making a distinctly Oriental aniseed finish. Hmm... not sure about that. But I did find this crispy snack very tasty.

Quite small crispy snacks, a regular oval shape, and a very good crunch. A very good crunch indeed.

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