Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Scrubbys 3 Potato Blend

Scrubbys crisps are new to me. Mind you, the packet does say NEW, so I guess that would be right.

I was in Fortnum & Mason the other evening and saw two packets of Scrubbys crisps. One was a vegetable crisp (which I am trying not to include in this blog because you have to draw a line somewhere), and the second - this packet - was confusingly labelled vegetable crisps with character... but then 3 potato blend. Actually, I am pretty sure the parsnip crisps were also labelled vegetable crisps with character.

Obviously potatoes are vegetables but "vegetable crisps" usually feature parsnips and things. Not potatoes. Because "crisps" are usually made of potatoes. Which you knew. Of course you did.

Anyhow, this is an interesting crisp with quite a hard crunch. But a good wack of salt. Tasty.

The dark purple crisps are quite off-putting at first glance. Tall taste tester said they look like Yeti's toenails. Cast off in the snow. Tall taste tester is given to flights of extraordinary fancy sometimes. I'm going to discount the Yeti reference and tell you that despite looking a bit odd these crisps are surprisingly tasty.

You can't see so well the difference between the white potatoes and the red-skinned potatoes although I think the crisp at top left is probably a red-skin. It's the violet blue potatoes that really show up. Amazing eh?

The packaging tells me these crisps are gluten free, and lower in fat than your average crisp: healthier savoury snacking it says.

And the packet shows a series of plants, earthed up to protect the roots. I'm guessing that these are all the plants that Scrubbys use in their "vegetable" crisps. Maybe one is a potato plant but probably the others are parsnip, maybe beetroot and carrot?

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