Tuesday, 2 February 2016

M&S Full on Flavour Four Cheese & Red Onion

History Graduate tester tester admitted he had been bamboozled (excellent choice of word!) by the exciting new gusseted packaging into thinking this was some sort of fabulous new flavour. And the shiny new plastic stuff  that the bag is made of may have contributed too.

But although on inspection this looks like just another fancy pants version of cheese & onion, in fact I think, on closer inspection still,  it is more than that.

This is a very tasty crisp. And not too oniony. Red onion can be a very harsh flavour but this works extremely well.

And then there's the cheese.... four cheeses. What do you suppose these four cheese are? Bet you can't guess.

OK; Red Leicester, which you can see in the falling cheese on the front of the packet (it looks like grated carrot), Mozzarella (which I thought I could taste before I read the list of ingredients), Mascarpone and Cream cheese. Well, well. I wouldn't have thought of that selection but honestly I think it works very well indeed.

And the reluctant taste testers agreed. Lots of tasty flavour dust, a good sprinkling of parsley; one of our five a day, pretty yummy all round (she said licking her fingers again - don't waste that tasty flavour dust left at the bottom of the packet!). Very nice indeed.

If you fancy a new sort of cheese and onion flavour give these crisps a try. Although you do need a local M&S. I don't think their food products are available mail order.

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