Thursday, 11 February 2016

Chika's Plantain Crisps

This is the teeniest weeniest packet of crisps ever. Only 4" across by 5 ½" high. And yet, it's a whole 35g. Which tells me that Plantain Crisps are a lot heavier than your average potato crisp.

Tall Elegant taste tester contributed this packet but she wasn't mad keen on the contents. Tech taste tester says he used to love Banana crisps but he wasn't very impressed. I thought these weren't as nasty as the last Plantain Crisps I tried but I wasn't very fetched. 

Mostly we thought these crisps very hard, with perhaps a little taste of caramel and a smidgen of salt, but Tech taste tester said he felt he was munching into a sideboard (you might want to call it a buffet). Not a a proper hardwood sideboard but a nasty cheap veneered sideboard where the veneer all chips off and gets in your teeth. He said.

However, it turns out that Extremely Sceptical taste tester rather liked them. I think she ate more than the rest of us put together. Even though they taste of sideboard, we asked? Yup, she said, even though... and it is a slightly salty sideboard.

And there we are.
Tech taste tester would like to emphasise that he did not wish to discriminate against other pieces of furniture. And the rest of us would like to point out that this is just our personal opinion and you might like them as much as Extremely Sceptical taste tester did. And, as it turns out, Architectural taste tester too.

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