Monday, 7 March 2016

Yamayoshi Potato Chips Wasabi (Wasabee)

Tall Elegant taste tester fancied sushi so she too made her way to the local Japanese shop. Actually, I think she was seduced by the idea of wasabi Kit Kats which apparently are big in Japan. Imagine, she had no idea that while in the UK we have about... two (if you're lucky) Kit Kat flavours, in Japan they have loads of fascinating options.

Anyway, no luck on the Kit Kat front, so she bought lunch (mostly salmon I believe) and some crisps. Wasabi crisps. Extremely wasabi crisps.

Now I don't like wasabi. Before I ever tried it I had a feeling it would not be for me. Someone said not to worry because it's like a combination of horseradish and mustard. Is it though? Well unfortunately for me I don't like horseradish and I'm not very keen on mustard either. So I'm not a wasabi fan.

But everyone else in the office seems mad for wasabi. And these crisps were very popular with the reluctant taste testers. Even though we only started this packet after lunch it was all eaten up in no time.

I gather that these crisps have a very fresh, very genuine wasabi taste and are to be recommended. 

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