Saturday, 12 March 2016

Carrefour Petites Crêpes Fourrées Au Comté et Saveur noix

This is a pretty little crispy snack from Carrefour. Another style of snack I don't think I have seen before.

Tiny little parcels (not much crêpe about these really) about the size of the middle joint of your forefinger, stuffed with what the French description calls une preparation, basically a soft squishy mix. Not unlike the soft squishy mix you find in a KP Cheese Football. Only a bit posher. Well, considerably posher to be honest.

There were several different flavours on the shelf and I picked this Comté cheese and nut flavour pretty much at random. It's hard to concentrate properly when you hit a giant supermarket with the sole purpose of buying crisps, and don't have much time to spare, and you're trying to remember what you've tried before and what you haven't (somehow the printed crib sheet I took with me stayed in my coat pocket), and there are inexplicably other people trying to buy crisps too. It's ghastly!
I'm not sure I chose right. This flavour is OK but I think Carrefour would have done better to just use Comté cheese and leave the nut flavour for another time. Comté is a flavoursome cheese and does not need to be messed with to make it tasty.

However, I don't want you to run away with the idea that these little cheesy parcels are nasty. Because they're not. And they are quite posh. It's a drinks party nibble not a snack for a night out with the lads.

And for your delectation and delight here's another view out of the window here. The sky is blue, the sun is shining and it's snowing lightly. The Chef (as I write) is up the mountain disporting himself on his skis. And for those of you interested in geography, that's Italy behind those peaks.

And this is a big closeup of the same view taken with the Chef's fancy camera.


  1. I could enjoy a posh crip with a glass of wine! Yum!
    Those photos are breathtaking! Look at that blue...and love the mountains...we just don't have those in Ohio! haha.

    1. No we don't get them in London either!


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