Wednesday 2 March 2016

Fiddler's Lancashire Crisps Sea Salt

This is a sensational crisp.

A very plain sea salt flavour, a fabulous crispy crunch and a great golden colour. Brilliant.

I can't always find Lancashire crisps (probably because I don't live anywhere near Lancashire) but these were on sale in one of the cafés at Tate Modern.

The Chef & I were at Tate Modern to see the Alexander Calder exhibition and although we didn't stop for a drink or a snack my spider senses spotted some crisps on sale. Of course they did. What a shame we didn't buy more than one packet.

Tate Modern isn't difficult to get to but it does seem a bit odd to travel to South London in search of a favourite crisp... what am I saying? We frequently travel to Switzerland on just such a search. But it would be good to find a source slightly closer to home.

Thanks very much to Robert for cooking this lovely crisp for us.

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