Thursday, 3 March 2016

M&S Salt & Vinegar Chiplets

Here is another little bag of crispy snacks from Marks & Spencer. And I'm surprised the reluctant taste testers and I had not tried them before. Not that the taste testers are going to get a look in in this case as I suspect this little 30g packet will be finished before I am next at work.

A nice little faux chip/fry made with dried potatoes and corn grits. This crispy snack has a gentle salt & vinegar taste and a light crunch.

I liked this quite a lot. The only real fault, and it isn't limited to this particular snack, is the way the chiplets tend to stick to your teeth after the initial crunch. Not as much as some though.

And if you find the chiplets a little bit dry (and they aren't particularly dry, honest) try them with a dip. I can highly recommend a smooth onion and garlic dip. There's some in the kitchen now if you hurry!

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