Thursday, 10 March 2016

Carrefour Croustillantes Goût Bolognaise

Road trip!

Sounds a lot of fun doesn't it? And it usually is. Sadly for us this time we had horrible weather. Lots of rain, quite heavy at times, and much spray when overtaking heavy lorries on the motorway. No fun at all for the poor Chef who has to drive the entire journey. I gave up driving because I couldn't cope with all those other crazy people on the road. You just never know what they will do next.

Quite apart from the rain, we had to turn round three times to avoid an accident in the Jura, and then we were running rather late so got caught up in the Friday evening traffic escaping Geneva and Lausanne for the weekend.

But here we are. And look at all this lovely snow! I was here in March last year, out in the garden in a T shirt to prune the hazel hedge. No chance of that just now. The hedge is covered in catkins but also in snow. Lots of snow.

And today we tried these Bolognaise flavour crisps from Carrefour.

Looking at the shelves in a big Carrefour outside Rheims it looks as though they are making a big effort to produce all sorts of own-brand crisps and crispy snacks. And this is their version of a Bolognaise flavour crisp.

OK. It's not a bad crisp. But not too fabulous either. Some of the crisps are quite highly coloured, presumably with Bolognaise flavouring, and some are not. All have a good crunch, but the flavour is somehow not quite what I was expecting.

The Chef is no help at all. He says they seem OK but he would have to compare the taste with the spaghetti Bolognaise on the menu up the mountain. Well, that's not very helpful is it?

There is a small child staying at the flat next door. He has trampled their snow like anything. The snow in our garden, however, is pristine and fabulous. And, as I look out of the window just now, all sparkling and wonderful. Jut like snow hardly ever is in London.

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