Friday, 11 March 2016

Bret's Frites Goût Crème Oignon

Well, this pop art style of packaging is a new departure for Bret's. But then, these "frites" are a new  departure as far as I am concerned too.

I was expecting one of those square crispy cunchy snacks, shaped like a chip (french fry), you know, extruded from some machine. But this is a strange flat strip of crisp instead. Bâtonnets de pomme de terre it says on the back of the packet. Never seen nothing quite like it before. And I'm wondering about the flavour too. Is it cream and onion? Or perhaps a sort of cream of onion soup flavour? It's hard to tell.

Incidentally, did you know that the French have recently decided to change the spelling of onion? The French word for onion obviously. They can change la langue de Molière if they must, but no messing with la langue de Shakespeare please. The English/Americans can do that all on our own thanks very much.

Anyway, the spelling of onion has previously (and for goodness knows how long) been oignon. But oignon is henceforth to be spelled ognon. Doesn't that look odd? Here's an article from The Guardian you may find interesting.

Not a bad crispy snack, good crunch, quite a lot of flavour dust and a good creamy, oniony flavour. Just a bit of a surprise.

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