Saturday, 5 March 2016

Walkers Mixups Snacks Mix Spicy

Tech taste tester found this packet of Walkers MixUps in Tescos. He admits he had meant to pick up the Cheese flavour selection but accidentally bought the Spicy flavour instead.

And I must say the reluctant taste testers and I were a little... reluctant to try this mix of crispy snacks. The bag was sitting in the kitchen at work for several days while we worked our way through several other offerings and I certainly wasn't at all sure. But we opened the packet and poured out a bowlful anyway.

Oh wow. It looks like the bottom of a school kid's lunch box. What a weird mixture.

However, once we tried we found this is rather a fabulous mix. Or some of it is, anyway. The spicy Wotsits are very good, and the Monster Munch too (much nicer than the quite tough to like Pickled Onion Monster Munch for example). But we didn't think the Doritos worked so well, and frankly the French Fries could have been much more flavoursome.

But here's a fascinating fact: History Graduate Taste Tester had never tried Monster Munch before. Amazing. I don't think Tech taste tester could quite believe it. But then it seems his childhood diet was mostly Monster Munch. Although it could be that he exaggerates.

Anyway, despite being deeply sceptical about the whole concept of MixUps, we really rather enjoyed this spicy selection. And quite to our surprise the main complaint was that there were not nearly enough Monster Munch.

4 different snacks = 4 x the fun! Maybe that's true.

Oh, and look at that. There's a little guy throwing his rubbish away responsibly. I think think this is a fresh design and I haven't seen one in ages.

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