Wednesday, 9 March 2016

M&S Full on Flavour Lightly Sea Salted

So, erm, full on flavour but also lightly sea salted eh? Bit of a contradiction there wouldn't you say? 

Perhaps. But none the less this is a pretty good lightly salted crisp. And the reluctant taste testers ate quite a lot of them without having very much to say about the flavour. Which is salty but not too salty. And not "not salty enough" as some lightly salted crisps are.

So not bad. But not terribly exciting either. 

This crisp benefits (as estate agents cannot stop themselves saying) from the new thicker more plasticky packaging with a gusset. Only some of Marks & Spencer's crisps have this new style of packaging; some of the new crisps have it, some don't. I have no idea why.

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