Wednesday, 30 March 2016

M&S The Collection Mini Cornish Cruncher Cheddar Cheese Biscuits

All butter and Cornish Cruncher cheddar biscuits topped with grated cheese.

This is a very home-made-looking cheesy biscuit. Round cheesy biscuits with a slightly mounded shape, just as you would get if you cooked them yourself. M&S seems to like Cornish Cruncher cheddar which is, I suppose, why they chose it for these little biscuits.

And they are really tasty, very cheesy and with a nice soft crunch (such as a home-made biscuit would have). Pretty fabulous in fact.


  1. They look delicious and very unusual!

    1. I think if you found the right recipe you could probably make them yourself. What makes them good is the cheesiness. So often a similar allegedly cheesy product is hardly cheesy at all.


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