Friday, 25 March 2016

Carrefour Tube Goût Fromage

This is a nice little crispy snack from Carrefour outside Rheims. Funny little tube shapes of extruded maize tasting of nothing but cheese.

Nice crunch, pleasant aroma and good cheesy taste. This is another crispy snack shape that I've not seen in the UK, and I don't remember seeing it anywhere other than at Carrefour. But, the tubiness (that's not tubbiness crisp fans) of these tubular snacks is... not very tubey. Sadly all the tubes are a little bit squished. Which is a pity.

However, that does not affect the taste.

The Chef and I quite liked these, and when I imported the second half of the packet into the office Tech taste tester was pleased to approve. You can't go wrong with a good cheesy taste he opined (that's what journalists write isn't it?).

Yes, quite a tasty little crispy snack. And I don't know why we don't get this sort of shaped snack in the UK. I can't help feeling people would buy them.

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