Sunday, 6 March 2016

Tohato Spicy Potato Rings

Giraffe Fan taste tester decided to have sushi for lunch. And while she was in the local Japanese shop she came across this crispy snack. She said the crazy chilli face on the packet called to her and she felt compelled to buy it.

Well, the packet of this crispy snack is entirely in Japanese as is the website so I find I am totally reliant on Google Translate to tell me what's what. And we have to take what Google gives us because we don't know any Japanese speakers to ask. Plus I am grateful to the Japan Centre website for telling me what to call this crispy snack.

Tyrant came back habanero says the Tahato website, and It was reproduced horse spiciness of sale at that time "tyrant habanero". Blended with habanero at the time and the same amount of vegetables and taste, a combination of several kinds of spices, it is a horse spicy snack to become a habit and the pungent taste is in harmony in a well-balanced says Google.

And then Habanero is, Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula is the origin, is the most famous spicy pepper in the world. The spicy degree of, will be used units of Scoville, but the pungency of the habanero is about 300,000 Scoville. This is about 80 times the jalapeno, hits to about 10 times the hotness of Tabasco. "Red Savina Habanero" is, "The world's hottest spice" as a certified to Guinness, the record was 577,000 Scoville.

The difference in the taste of the pepper is due to breed, the only value of the Scoville also simply can not be compared element, pungent taste of habanero has also been a different unique thing as a typical red pepper and jalapeno of Japan.

But just in also features with a fruity aroma, not painful, is a charming spice fragrant scent remains after the aggressive pungency.

And er... Habanero manufacturing process
  The spicy pepper to snack. For us that depresses the unexplored area it was a way of habanero, not become thorny road. The development staff, goggles and mask and gloves are necessities. This is because direct, or touch the hand, if those about to enter the much less eye, because beyond description hell is waiting.
Let's put in a look at the development landscape that lesson has been kept alive learned from the fury of habanero. This is the blurb that encourages you to look at a little snippet of video showing a food scientist making this crispy snack while wearing gloves, goggles and a face mask (all but a hazmat suit).

There is a lot more to this website so why not take a look for yourselves?

These crispy little rings have a deceptively gentle taste for about 10 seconds, followed by a huge great rush of hot chilli spiciness. I mean, check out the 5 chillis on the packaging. This surely has to be an indication that this crispy snack is pretty hot.

Really tasty. We liked them a lot. But you can't eat too many at a time. And they do look weirdly like a bowl of little elastic bands. Plus the crazy chilli on the packet is really quite scary.

And finally, I know you will want to know. Yes, you can fit these little rings on your finger.

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