Friday, 4 March 2016

Heritage Toffee Popcorn

I almost bought this toffee popcorn because the packaging is so great. I mean, Roy Lichenstein style packaging... and for toffee popcorn too... what more could you possibly want?

Boommmm!!!! Pop-Tastic toffee says the packaging. And indeed, pop-tastic it is. Great to share!

This is a very nice popcorn with a lovely light toffee sauce. The toffee is not so strong and sticky that it gums your teeth together. It looks just like one of those sticky toffee popcorns but it isn't sticky.

I never saw Heritage popcorn before. It's made for Nisa Retail Limited. The packaging says packed in the UK. Which could mean anything. Packed here, but made where? I don't know. And the shop I bought it from used to be a branch of Morrisons but is now called My Local.

Anyway, I didn't quite buy the popcorn for the packaging.

And it is pretty good. The reluctant taste testers rate enjoyed it, and ate two bowlsful. The remains of the packet I took home and put in a bowl in the kitchen. A mere 20 minutes later the Chef had eaten the lot. So I guess we all quite liked it.

But don't you agree? The packaging design is rather fabulous.

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