Thursday, 9 April 2015

Vico Monster Munch Salé

Somebody asked me yesterday why I blog about crisps. And the answer is I don't really know. I started out to write a blog about street trees. But God works in mysterious ways (mysteriously mysterious at times) and the first thing I wrote about was Ley's Cheeseburger Crisps. And then I wrote about Chio Jumpys, followed by Bret's Pizza au Feu de Bois... and then I discovered I really enjoy writing about crisps and crispy snacks.

It's not a career to set the world on fire (and possibly that's a good thing) but it keeps me amused.

And my goodness! there are so many crisps and crispy snacks to choose from. I do rather wonder how many people are employed around the world creating new flavours of crisp, and new shapes of crispy snack? However many they certainly keep me busy.

Here we have a French version of Monster Munch from Vico. Vico is part of Intersnack France which must be the French division of Euro snack giant Intersnack. I wonder how come they can call this snack Monster Munch when Walkers produce a totally different Monster Munch in the UK? Or vice versa? Here are two Walkers Monster Munch flavours for you to compare: Roast Beef and Pickled Onion.

I've got Ready Salted (Salé) but you can also try Jambon/Fromage (ham & cheese), Ketchup (ketchup!) or Barbecue (barbecue/BBQ) if you can find them. I long to visit a French supermarché in pursuit of crisps but the Chef is always so mad keen to rush through France I haven't yet had the opportunity. One day......

Monster Much is described as an aperitif to enjoy with your parents, to fill a hole after sports or as an accompaniment to a balanced diet. These little monsters will delight young and old says the packaging. Made with potatoes and maize with some wheat flour.

Well, I tried these on my own because I wasn't sure what the reluctant taste testers would say. And on reflection this was a mistake because I think they might have been popular in some quarters. However, too late now.

Obviously a crispy snack aimed at children these smiley ghost faces (I can't think what else the designer was aiming for) are flavoured with salt, cheese and tomato but it's a gentle flavour that doesn't really leap out at you. Each ghost face is bubbly and crunchy. Quite pleasant but not massively exciting. It would be interesting to try the other flavours.

There's a "spot the Monster Munch" feature on the back of the packet, and there's also a fascinating website which takes ages to load but give it a go if you speak some French, or even if you don't, and would like to play space invaders type games involving crispy snacks. I'm obviously too stupid to succeed and only managed to score 1 point in one of the games. In another you have to trap running monsters under lampshades! I wasn't very good at that either but I did manage 200 points in Le Munch Reflexe. Oh come on. I had to give it a go.

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