Sunday, 5 April 2015

Pipers Crisp Co Kirkby Malham Chorizo

Noble friend went to the Ideal Home Exhibition the other day and brought me and the reluctant taste testers this new (to us) flavour from UK crispeteers Pipers.

This was extremely nice of her - but she is nice - and the only thing wrong with her kind gesture is that she was sold crisps in the old packaging and not the new. The new packaging for this flavour is a fabulous rich purple. It would have been fun to see that. But let's be honest. That's just me being super picky.

I was a little anxious about trying this flavour because I don't usually like chorizo much; it tends to be too oily for me. Maybe I've been given the wrong kinds of chorizo.

Anyway, you can see I set out a bowlful at work (if you have been paying close attention you will recognise this bowl and tabletop which often feature when the taste testers are involved - OK you probably aren't so nerdy as I am) and sat back to see what everyone thought.

And everyone thought these crisps were just delicious. The crisps themselves are perfect; the right sort of crunch, the right texture. And the flavour is fabulous. A wonderful smoky paprika aroma, and a truly great smoky chorizo taste.

The flavour comes from Oxford Sandy and Black pigs raised in the Yorkshire Dales. They are butchered on the farm and turned into delicious Yorkshire Chorizo Sausage. Which is then used to makes these crisps.

What could be better than that?

Update: here's the newer packaging courtesy of the senior taste tester. Unusual colour isn't it? But rather wonderful.

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