Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Lay's Papryka

This giant bag of Polish paprika flavour crisps was contributed by techie taste tester who found them in Finsbury Park. 

TV Paka says the packet. Which google translate tells me means TV crate. Crate? Really? I suspect what it really means is a great big bag to graze on while watching the television because paka really looks as though it means pack. Although obviously it could be what teachers of French call "false friends"; you know, words that don't mean what you think they mean.

The packet says these crisps are full of taste and aroma. And number 1 for something I can't translate! Possibly number 1 in the paprika crisp market?

Dear me! I hope the lovely Polish people this bag is aimed at are going to share or they'll get frightfully fat eating all these crisps by themselves.

Don't you think it's interesting that paprika is such a huge flavour for European crisps but doesn't exist at all as a flavour in the UK? I had Swiss paprika crisps and German paprika crisps, and now Polish papryka crisps.

It's also interesting that a Polish friend tells me they don't eat crisps in Poland. Evidently they do.

And these crisps are pretty good. I think the taste testers made away with several bowlsful but it was such a huge packet there were leftovers for the donor (who also contributed the photographs) to take home.

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