Friday, 24 April 2015

M&S Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar Hand Cooked

Look at that. I've just noticed that M&S have added a bit of information to their crisp packets: est. 1884. When did they do that? Obviously I've not been paying attention.

Anyway, here we have a little packet of crisps from the new Spring/Summer range for 2015. Newly designed bag. New little blue logo saying Tastes of the British Isles.

The potatoes are a variety I don't think I have come across before; Markies. The fabulous Potato Council Variety Database tells me it was bred by Agrico UK Ltd, and the parent breeds were Agria and Fianna. I love the Potato Council database. Surely almost as good as the FBI databases Abby's always looking at on NCIS.

Mnnn not a bad entry in the salt and vinegar stakes. A nice mix of sea salt and sweetness from the balsamic, and then a big hit of vinegar. Some of the crisps in this packet were huge and all had a good hearty crunch. This is another good crisp from M&S. Plus they worked very well with leftover sour cream and chive dip. You can't say better than that.
And here's some more cherry blossom I spotted on my walk to work the other day. This looks like a wild cherry tree so with any luck it will produce fruits to delight the local birds.


  1. We have a vinegar flavored chip over here that seems strong flavored but it is something you have to keep dipping your hand in the sack and taste some more.

    1. Really? Just vinegar flavour? I've not seen that.

      This is a nice variant on salt & vinegar. Not too fierce.


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