Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Keogh’s Atlantic Sea Salt & Irish Cider Vinegar

The Keogh family have been growing potatoes in Ireland for over 200 years, and now they make hand cooked crisps. This particular packet contains Lady Rose potatoes from a field called Ballamadun, and the crisps were cooked by Sebastian. We don't know if Sebastian is a member of the Keogh family, or employed by the Keoghs.

Have you noticed how salt has ceased to be just salt in recent years? It's not even simply sea salt or rock salt. Or the wonderful Malden Salt with the lovely flat cristals. There's Anglesey Sea Salt, Flor de Sal de Ibiza, Himalayan Pink Salt, and now Atlantic Sea Salt; all these featured in crisps that I've tried. I actually have a packet of Hebridean Sea Salt (harvested from the shores of the remote Scottish Hebridean Isle of Lewis) in my kitchen cupboard although I've not encountered it in a crisp yet.

Well, these crisps have a good salty taste.

And there's an interesting selection of vinegars on the ingredients list: Llewellyn's Cider Vinegar, Malt Vinegar and also Balsamic Vinegar. I don't know what it is but somehow the taste is rather sweet as well as sour. It's not quite what the reluctant taste testers and I were expecting.

Nice big crisps with the skin left on and a good golden colour. They look lovely but we weren't very sure about the taste. Although a bowlful did disappear.

Grown with love in Ireland.

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