Sunday, 26 April 2015

Ten Acre When the Chilli Got Sweet

It seems that every second bag of crisps I look at these days is Sweet Chilli flavour. OK, I'm sure I exaggerate but there do seem to be a lot of them about.

Ten Acre make nice little crisps, all kind of folded over (something to do with the hand cooking process perhaps?), a nice golden colour and with a satisfying crunch.

Some Sweet Chilli flavour crisps are much too sweet. You know, there will be a little bit of chilli heat but mostly quite a lot of sweet.

Not these crisps. Nothing spectacular, nothing fancy, these crisps have a nice hit of chilli which is slightly tempered by the sweetness; but not too much. A nice little 40g bag too. We quite liked these crisps.

Halal Food Authority Approved, Parev (certified by the Machzikei Hadass Synagogue in Salford (Manchester), and also suitable for Vegans; these crisps are ready for anyone. Unless of course you are religiously opposed to eating potatoes. Or allergic to them. How awful that would be.

Hand cooked with love, packed with crunch.

This scan isn't quite the right colour for some reason. The packet is really a lovely deep purplish pink with a lot of blue in it. I held the packet up against a Pantone colour chart on my computer screen, I took a photograph to see if the colour would be better and I scanned it more than once. How odd. What a shame because the packet is such a pretty colour.
And here's another blossom photo.


  1. These sound really good and the packaging is nice even if the color didn't come out right. Cute little slogan, too. The fold over chips are fun...I always seek them out!

  2. All the Ten Acre crisps are tasty. It's a nice little brand I never heard of until recently.


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