Friday, 17 April 2015

M&S Scottish Langoustines with Dill & Lemon

Well these hand cooked crisps from the new M&S summer 2015 range turned out to be amazingly popular with the reluctant taste testers. Amazingly popular.

I bought a packet yesterday but then put it in a food parcel to post to a friend in the United States (where obviously you can't purchase such luxuries), so bought another packet today at lunchtime and put out a bowl for the taste testers. And as the bowl was completely emptied before the senior taste tester returned from a site visit I put out some more.

Whoosh! All gone in no time at all. I confess I was quite surprised.

I was also surprised that these crisps not only contain prawns but actual langoustines "fished from Scottish waters". And real dill and lemon. So, you know, these are real langoustine flavour crisps. (I know: I'm suspicious. But so often crisp flavours seem to be manufactured out of dairy products and wheat. Or some combination equally unrelated to the flavour you are supposed to be enjoying.)

The potatoes are called Taurus and were grown in Herefordshire. The packet tells us that M&S crisps use a selection of varieties. It seems that they choose a different variety depending on the season.

The aroma on first opening the bag is quite sea-foody but the taste is really more crisp with dill and lemon. Quite a gentle taste. Mostly smaller than I was expecting, the crisps have a great crunch and a nice golden colour. The taste testers all liked these a lot and had many good things to say about them.

I don't eat sea food but (despite sea food anxiety) I quite liked them too. The lemon and the dill are really very nice. It's a great combination.

Brand new taste tester at work who hasn't had time to get used to free crisps in the office at the drop of a hat said langoustines are her absolute favourite food and she liked these crisps a lot. And that has to be a seal of approval.

The new summer selection of crisps are all part of a Tastes of the British Isles range. It's so new I haven't had time to investigate properly. But these crisps represent Scotland. Where my surname comes from. Even if I don't.

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